©Anton Lukoszevieze

©Anton Lukoszevieze

Mira Benjamin is a Canadian violinist, researcher and new-music instigator.

She performs new and experimental music, with a special interest in microtonality & tuning practice. She actively commissions music from composers at all stages of their careers, and develops each new work through multiple performances. Current collaborations include new works by James Weeks, Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad, Scott Mc Laughlin, Cobi van Tonder, and Taylor Brook.

Since 2011, Mira has co-directed NU:NORD – a project-based music and performance network which instigates artistic exchanges and encourages community building between music creators from Canada, Norway & the UK. To date NU:NORD has engaged 79 artists and commissioned 62 new works. Through this initiative, Mira hopes to offer a foundation from which Canadian artists can reach out to artistic communities overseas, and provide a conduit through which UK & Norwegian artists can access Canada’s rich art culture.

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Mira lived for ten years in Montréal, where she was a member of Quatuor Bozzini. Since 2014 she has resided in London (UK), where she regularly performs with ensembles such as Apartment House and  Decibel, and is currently the Duncan Druce Scholar in Music Performance at the University of Huddersfield. 

Mira was the recipient of the 2016 Virginia Parker Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts. The prize is awarded annually to a Canadian musician in recognition of their contribution to the artistic life in Canada and internationally.


some have said…

“It was so clear throughout the concert that Mira Benjamin genuinely cares about each of these pieces, and works with each piece on its own terms with real interest and commitment. The whole concert was a wonderful breath of fresh air in the focused and completely willing attention that was given in the performance and evoked in the audience. I don’t think I’m overstating when I say that it truly was music we (the audience) loved to hear, especially as Benjamin presented it with such focus and discipline and joy.”

— Jennie Gottschalk, sound expanse (July 2013)


“Each sustained note from Mira Benjamin’s violin presents a myriad of layers, allowing you to submerge yourself and focus your ears as you like to the rich overtones, harmonics and grain that emerges as the piece goes on, like stars revealing themselves as you stare into the sky.”

— Jack Sheen, Truants (August 2016), reviewing the disc Linda Caitlin Smith: Dirt Road


“Petit Fragment de Paysage is a characteristically delicate piece, scored for violin (Mira Benjamin) and viola (Emma Richards), crawling slower than clock time, a procession of cracking drones and overlapping monotones that aim to draw your ears into the corporeal splendour of undiluted sound.”

— The Guardian Playlist (July 2015), reviewing the disc Jürg Frey: Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2013



“A succession of marvels, played with such conviction and ease. Thank you Mira Benjamin, exactly the kind of thing we love to hear!”

Music We’d Like To Hear


“…a procession of cracking drones and overlapping monotones that aim to draw your ears into the corporeal splendour of undiluted sound.”

– Philip Clark, The Guardian (reviewing the disc Grizzana and other pieces 2009–2014)


“Cette fois: des arpèges et des gammes, à l’orchestre et, surtout, au violon, magistralement conduit par l’étonnante et très jeune Mira Benjamin.”

— Claude Gingras, La Presse (April 2012)


“I can’t even begin to choose among the ensemble pieces; each one is marvelous, shimmering, thoughtful.”

— Brian Olewnick, Just Outside (reviewing the disc Morton Feldman: Two Pianos and Other Pieces)


“brilliantly intrepid”

— Richard Jones, The Sampler, reviewing the concert nu:nord @ LimeWharf